Newly Introduced State Tobacco-Related Legislation

Below is a summary of tobacco-related bills introduced in state legislatures and governor budget proposals since March 13, 2015:

Delaware:  House Bill 5 prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices in all public places where smoking is prohibited under current law.

Louisiana:  House Bill 118 was introduced to increase the cigarette tax by $1.18 per pack.

Maine:  House Bill 670 includes an electronic cigarette in the definition of “cigarette” for the purpose of assessing the cigarette tax.

Massachusetts:  House Bill 1951 prohibits local boards of health from banning the sale of consumer products sold legally in the Commonwealth.  House Bill 2021 increases the purchase age to 21 for tobacco products.  House Bill 2434 imposes an excise tax on alternative nicotine products and vapor products.

Nevada:  Senate Bill 275 increases the cigarette tax by $0.60 per pack.

North Carolina: Senate Bill 286 prohibits the sale of e-liquid containers without child resistant packaging and safety warning labels.

Utah:  House Joint Resolution 26, which provides for a potential interim study committee “to study taxes on e-cigarettes” (among 210 such committees) was introduced and passed both the House and Senate on March 12, 2015.

Washington: House Bill 2194 increases the cigarette excise tax by 50 cents per pack, increases the tax on cigars except little cigars by 10% of the taxable sales price, increases the tax on moist snuff by 10%, and increases the tax on little cigars by 10%.

Newly Introduced State Tobacco-Related Legislation

Below is a summary of tobacco-related bills introduced in state legislatures and governor budget proposals since March 6, 2015:

Alabama:  House Bill 224 defines vapor products and taxes them at a rate of 25 cents per milliliter of nicotine solution.  

Arkansas:  Senate Bill 978 regulates e-cigarettes, vapor products and alternative nicotine products.

Minnesota:  House Bill 1544 places a $.50 excise tax cap on premium cigars.

Missouri:  House Bill 1162 increases the state excise tax on cigarettes from 17 cents to 62 cents per pack.

New York:  Assembly Bill 5955 (same as Senate Bill 2202) includes the use of e-cigarettes in the state smoking ban. 

Rhode Island:  Governor Raimondo released her budget this week, which includes a $.25 per pack cigarette tax increase. 

Texas:  Senate Bill 157 permits counties and municipalities to not enforce the state smoking ban at businesses that allow for smoking and derive 20% of its revenue from the sale of cigars or other tobacco products.  Senate Bill 1618 prohibits the sale of nicotine products to minors.  House Bill 3612 declares, “any liquid substance used to fill or refill a device that simulates smoking” to be a hazardous substance.  This definition includes liquid used in electronic cigarettes.

NATO Names New Trade Show Manager for 2016 NATO Show

For the past five years, NATO has worked closely with and appreciated the services of Greg Martin and the Renaissance Association Management staff in planning and managing the NATO Show. The NATO Show has grown during this time into a premiere all tobacco trade show with highly rated retail educational sessions and a sold out trade show floor with exhibitors from every segment of the tobacco industry. Greg and his staff are managing the upcoming 2015 NATO Show to be held at the Paris Hotel on April 21-23, 2015 and then pursuing other interests. The NATO board of directors appreciates the trade show management services that Greg and his staff have provided to NATO over the past five years.

For the 2016, 2017 and 2018 NATO Shows, NATO is pleased to announce that ConvExx will serve as the association’s new trade show manager. ConvExx has been producing and managing trade shows and conferences in Las Vegas and in other parts of the country for 32 years. As a result of this long history of producing trade shows, ConvExx has established strong relationships with key stakeholders in Las Vegas such as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority, the Las Vegas Hospitality Association, and many of the top hotels and exhibition centers in the city.

NATO is looking forward to working with ConvExx Chairman Chuck Schwartz and his staff as we plan the NATO Show for 2016 and future years. In the coming weeks, ConvExx staff will be contacting those exhibitors signed up for the 2015 NATO Show to invite them to pre-register for a booth at the 2016 NATO Show.